Grand Master Guitars

"The Stradivarius of Guitars"

Awesome John did not start The Grand Master Guitar Company as a commercial company based on making profit selling instruments. It started out of the frustration of one musician’s personal quest to find and purchase the perfect guitar of his dreams, which always ended unfulfilled. The company founder Mr. Asim Can Gunduz (better known as “Awesome John” or AJ by his fans) was an guitar player obsessed with pure tone and ultimate quality who was unhappy with all the commercial factory guitars that were available. It was this frustration and passion for excellence that finally led him to create a personal custom shop to build the perfect custom guitar for his own use... A beautiful guitar that could play “many styles of music” stay in tune, play like a dream and last a lifetime!” oh yes, and one more thing , with an eye for beauty.. the instrument should be drop dead gorgeous!

AJ was an accomplished player that performed many different styles of music. The problem he faced was that there were seven great, main guitar sounds which he loved (Strat, Les Paul, Tele, 335, Ibanez, Jackson, Rickenbacker) and no one guitar could create all these sounds. But AJ believed that if a new genre of electric guitar could be built using the finest materials, construction techniques and ground breaking designs that it was possible to make an instrument that finally could “do it all”.  He fulfilled his dream for himself and today, there are some lucky musicians all around the world who own a Grand Master Guitar - a stradivarius of guitars, made by the Grand Master and his team of the world's finest luthiers. Hold on to your Grand Master, they are now collector items that hold great historic and financial value.

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