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His Legacy as a Musician

In 2016, Awesome John was inducted into the The New York Blues Hall of Fame  as "Legendary Blues Artist" - the highest honor given by the organization to legendary blues artists like B.B. King.


As a musician, Awesome John was an authentic “crowd pleaser” without any equal. He performed colorful, high energy shows which brought people to their feet, screaming in standing ovations because “he was the real deal”, a truly soulful powerful performer! 

His thrilling emotional singing style was matched by his amazing guitar showmanship and overwhelming stage presence which mixed virtuoso talent with a light hearted touch of comedy.

Son bestesini ülkesi için yazmıştı

His last song was written for the


Turkish Nation

Ağabeyimizin Çalınan Gitarı "HOPE" 

We love this entertaining song and video

Amazing Performance   A Must watch!

Awesome John  - High Octane Performance

Ortaca, Türkiye

Tek Kanal Var ken Televizyondaydi

How did Awesome John get his name? Awesome John got his name,  because “he really is Awesome!”. his English speaking fans named him "Awesome John" which is very similar to how his Turkish name is pronounced. That’s how Awesome John got his name.


His first professional break started on stage when he starred in a New York Broadway Musicial  doing a  “live performance” portraying the life of Jimi Hendrix in “Jimi and Janis Together Again”.


and he has also hosted his own number 1 television and radio shows in Turkey.


Awesome's DJ Radio Talk Show Style


Awesom John's arrival in Turkey marked a new era in Turkish radio and TV braodcasting.  His New York DJ unique style inspired many DJ's to mimic his style.  All his radio and TV shows broke the ratings chart.  


Asim Can Gunduz's "The Delikanli Show" was a huge hit, micing both elements of comedy, satiracal comedy, and intermittent displays of amazing performances that brought viewers to their screens and radio stations seeking more of this amazing entertainer. 


Asim Can was featured as a TV talk show host, film actor, Pro-Disc jockey and Master of Ceremonies animator. He co-founded power FM and Kiss FM radio stations.


One thing is certain, who ever saw Asmi Can Gunduz knew he was a special magical performer who would stayed in their minds forever.  

B.B. Kind Blues Club  Tribute  to Awesome John, August 10, 2016

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