"Evrencan Gündüz"

"My brother loved his son and he knew early on that his son had inherited his musical talent, so, he  gave EJ his first Grand Master guitar.  On serveral ocassions, while staying at my apartment, my brother had told me that he was intent on teaching his son how to earn a living with his music  so he could always sustain himself throughout his life.  My brother felt an urgency in teaching him, as if he knew he would leave this earth early and needed to feel that he had fulfilled his important responsibility of giving his son the skills he needed to survive". - Ally Gunduz, Sister 

Video Below: Father invites son on stage for the first time

A very special moment captured with his son in stage  in Istanbul

Father and son having breakfast

Awesome John was legally married once and from that marriage was born his first and only child, a boy, named Evrencan Gunduz.  Unfortunately, the marriage ended in divorce. However, Asim Can and his former wife, Sevda Ertugrul, remained friends.