Awesome John was a multitalented musician and entertainer with phenomenal technique and energy which got any crowd in any country up on their feet singing and dancing. This page features various styles of music he has played for his global audiences.  Get ready to take a tour around the world and listen to some of the most quality ROCK, HARD ROCK, THE BLUES, FUNK AND FUNK FUSION tones and melodies you'll ever hear.  
To listen to his original songs in English and Turkish scroll down to the Hot Pink Title - Original Music and Songs

Awesome ROCK

Hard Rock at Mugla University Spring Fest

Awesome FUNK

Funk on TV, medley


Hard Funk - TV

Awesome BLUES

Blues on St. Peterburg, Russia TV

Awesome FUSION

Video Clip for TV - Bilingual Lyrics


Dur (Stop)  - Turkish version


Awesome 80's Promo Video

Baba Blues Band - Must watch this!

Promo Video from the early 80's

Awesome with  Preseton Reed

TV Duet wıth Fusun

Delikanli Show with Preston Reed 

TRT  Live - "Hard Rakı"   Original

Orijinal Music and Songs

Ay Ay Aysel 

Komplesini  Yiyiğim

Turkish Girls  

Boku Yedik

Vah Vah Piskopat!

Anasının Gözü

Hard Rock - Kick Ass at Davey Jones  2013 Performance

Dostum - Hayal Kahvesı 2016

Aşkım  Nazar Değdi -Rhumba Blues